The Grounds


Access to the La Rondinaia is by way of a series cliffs side views which are so typical of the fortress like town of medieval Ravello. The main building isn’t even visible as you enter the grounds due to the luxuriant green vegetation. The arduous terrain led to the construction of terraces which today are a major characteristic of the area. Cypresses, lemon trees, pines and olive trees abound in the grounds. The park area is a concert of approving sighs created by the breeze through the trees. A statement of the relationship between man and nature, where man undoubtedly receives more than he gives.

La Rondinaia


Our aim is to maximize the emotional impact of the park area and gardens of the Villa, which, for the first time has been opened to the public. Our vision is to create a permanent cultural itinerary, which encompasses the many stories and legends which surround La Rondinaia. The gardens are of an age where the spirit of those who lived here is revealed, through various art forms: sculpture, painting, and the works of writers.

La Rondinaia


The tree-lined avenue is merely a prelude: it leads to a charmed world; become part of a fairy tale world, let your imagination blend with the beauty of this place to create a dreamlike atmosphere. Only after 200 meters, can you glimpse the villa in the distance. Situated between the allure of Ravello and the splendour of the Villa Cimbrone, La Rondinaia was once a must go to place on the Grand Tour.

La Rondinaia


This property was once the destination for numerous stars of the cinema, artists, great thinkers and dignitaries in all sectors, who could only gain from the architectural beauty of the Villa, the ewitching splendour of the Amalfi Coast and the generous hospitality of the owners. Today, La Rondinaia is a residence of priceless value, a rare opportunity to experience a piece of history in a background of incomparable beauty and privacy.

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