The Villa


The Villa “La Rondinaia” (The Swallow’s Nest) is certainly one of the most stunningly original villas on the Amalfi Coast and in Italy. This acclaim is due to many factors; its position, its scenic panoramas and a whole series of famous and illustrious guests who have enjoyed the unique qualities of the location.

Ravello, immersed in the wonderful natural beauty of its private park, it is wedged into the cliff face - hence the name The Swallow’s Nest. Building the villa was an audacious enterprise, there are still tales told in the village of construction workers tied to ropes hanging over the sheer cliff face, suspended in the air. A feat to literally take your breath away.

Villa La Rondinaia


The Villa covers an area of about 950 meters and is surrounded by private grounds of 2.5 hectacres with serene paths leading through the trees. There are lemon trees, olive trees, pergolas with vines, a cobalt blue swimming pool, a pool house with sauna and panoramic views. The house has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The interiors have vaulted ceilings, arched windows and doors and long tiled corridors leading to spacious rooms with fireplaces, balconies and terraces.

Villa La Rondinaia


Only the privileged few could access the villa, which was strictly guarded against prying eyes up until 2005. At this point, Gore Vidal found himself physically unable to continue living in such a varied and large space. La Rondinaia then passed to new owners who began a series of intense renovations of the building and the surrounding land, giving new life to the villa, no less prestigious or exclusive than la Rondinaia’s previous existence. The villa is still reserved for a limited select choice of guests who are able to appreciate the presence of the memories contained within the villa’s walls and the extraordinarily beautiful setting.

«When the eyes are shut, the true world begins» GORE VIDAL
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