La Rondinaia

The Villa “La Rondinaia” (The Swallow’s Nest) is certainly one of the most stunningly original villas on the Amalfi Coast and in Italy. This acclaim is due to many factors; its position, its scenic panoramas and a whole series of famous and illustrious guests who have enjoyed the unique qualities of the location.


The Villa

The villa is in Ravello, immersed in the wonderful natural beauty of its private park, it is wedged into the cliff face - hence the name The Swallow’s Nest. Building the villa was an audacious enterprise, there are still tales told in the village of construction workers tied to ropes hanging over the sheer cliff face, suspended in the air. A feat to literally take your breath away.


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The Grounds

Access to the La Rondinaia is by way of a series cliffs side views which are so typical of the fortress like town of medieval Ravello. The main building isn’t even visible as you enter the grounds due to the luxuriant green vegetation. The arduous terrain led to the construction of terraces which today are a major characteristic of the area. Cypresses, lemon trees, pines and olive trees abound in the grounds.



The interior of the villa has recently been sympathetically restored with respect to the artistic and historical restrictions and the architectural elements which are typical of this area. The furnishings and furniture were all created by local craftsmen, using materials of the highest quality, in 2019, which are integrated with some original elements and furniture of the villa.


Gore Vidal

A light breeze was fluttering the pages of a book on a table outside on the terrace. It was by “Myra Breckeridge”. I picked it up and before closing it I spotted a phrase which had been underlined, curious, I read «Nothing is like anything else. Things are themselves entirely and do not need interpretation, only a minimal respect for their precise integrity».



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The rooms and outside areas of La Rondinaia are without doubt the quintessence for any exclusive private event to be held in grand style. The extensive grounds are the ideal setting for any type of event, such as corporate events and team building, meetings, weddings, corporate lunches or dinners, gala evenings, exhibitions, fashion shows, small theatrical productions, birthdays or anniversaries. All this, in keeping with the historical and architectural characteristics and the setting of the town of Ravello itself.

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